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On-set sound services. Canada


Location sound

Passionate about preserving performance.


The main focus of any location filming is collecting the necessary elements to make your final project shine. 

One of the most delicate elements, is appropriately capturing the performance of your actors. 

Drama deals with emotion, and emotion is almost entirely carried by the quality of an actors voice.

This can be extremely difficult to re-create in post-production.

Comedy relies on timing...  your on-set sound crew need to be able to adapt and respond instantly, ensuring that nothing is left behind.

Choose a sound-team that is passionate about capturing your sound. One that has the experience to get results under trying circumstances, and an understanding that the long work day also needs to be fun.

Collecting dialog and sound effects on-set requires physical-strength, skillful diplomacy, and an over-sized sense of empathy.

From documentaries, commercials, and reality shows - to 100+million-dollar special effects extravaganzas...

If someone speaks, or it makes a noise, we accurately position microphones to faithfully capture the sound.

Constant team-work and negotiation is required.

Hiding microphones on costumes, figuring-out where the pole-mounted microphone can move throughout a take; we strive to fit seamlessly into the overall filming process. 

You need to be able to trust that the people responsible for capturing your sound are up to the task.  

A great sound crew is full of multidisciplinary problem-solvers, who can skillfully manage egos, while, stealthily capturing sounds.


Originally from Australia; Ian Thomson now calls the east-coast of Canada home.

Moving to the beautiful seaside town of Chester in 2013, He brings 25 years of location sound experience to the film-making community of Halifax, while continuing to travel for any appropriate projects.

As a Dual Citizen of Australia and Canada, a member of IATSE 849, and a Tax resident of Nova Scotia; Ian is eligible for all applicable offsets and benefits to  productions shooting in Nova Scotia.


Ian Thomson

P.O. Box 1048


B0J 1J0

+1 (902) 412 0492

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