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1st Assistant Sound

(Boom operator)

For the past 25 years, I've had the pleasure of travelling through breath-taking locations in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, while helping to capture amazing performances on almost every kind of project.

It's been an absolute honour to work with some of the best crews in the world, and I look forward to working with you on your next project.


Along with an extensive amount of specialised equipment for Boom Operating, I am continually adding to a compact, full-service, modern on-set recording system, perfectly suited to: feature films, scripted series, documentary, EPK,  commercials, 2nd unit, effects gathering, voice over work, and even podcasts.

Additional equipment can easily be acquired through a local network of sound mixers, with a small amount of prep time. 

Call ahead to discuss the equipment requirements for your project.


Feature Films

Bubbles and the Shitrockers[2024]

1st Assistant sound (Boom operator) - Nova Scotia

Mixer = Zan Rosborough

Hailey Rose [2023]

Production Sound Mixer 

Assistance from = James O'Toole, Erik Southey, Olivia King, and Josh Owens

Who's yer Father [2023]

1st Assistant sound (boom operator) 

Mixer = Eric Fitz

The Good House [2021]

1st Assistant sound (boom operator) 

Mixer = Zan Rosborough

Dir/s. = Wallace Wolordasky + Maya Forbes

starring = Sigourney Wever, Kevin Kline

The Lighthouse [2019]

Location Boom Oprator Yarmouth (15 days)

Mixer = Zan Rosborough

Dir. = Robert Eggers

starring = Willem Dafoe, Robert Pattinson

Black Cop [2017]

*Boom Operator 

Mixer = Zan Rosborough

Dir. = Corey Bowles 

The Child Remains [2015]

* Boom Operator 

Mixer = Zan Rosborough

Relative Happiness [2014]

*Boom Operator 

Mixer = Zan Rosborough

The Great Gatsby [2012]

*Sound Utility (84 days)

Mixer = Guntis Sics,

Boom Op = Gerry Nucifora

Dir. Baz Luhrmann - Shot in R3ality 3D

Singularity [2010]

(released as “the lovers” in 2015)

*Boom Operator 

Mixer = Mark Cornish

Dir. Roland Joffe

Australian locations

A Heartbeat Away [2010]

*Boom Operator 

Mixer = Mark Cornish

ASSG nomination for soundtrack of the year - 2011

Wrath [2010]

*Production Sound 

with Tom Armstrong

Before the Rains [2009]

*Boom Operator 

Mixer = Guntis Sics

AFTRS/NIDA co-production

Bran Nue Dae [2008]

*Boom Operator 

Mixer = Scott Montgommery

D.O.P Andrew Lesnie

X-Men Origins: Wolverine [2008]

*Utility/2nd Boom (90 days)

Mixer = Guntis Sics,

Boom Op = Gerry Nucifora

Dir. Gavin Hood

New Zealand and Australian Locations

*Main Boom Operator

(7 days) Mixer = Guntis Sics

*2nd unit Mixer (14 days)

Boom ops = Various

Australia [2007-2008]

*Sound Utility (90+ days)

Mixer = Guntis Sics,

Boom Op = Mark Van Kool

Dir. Baz Luhrmann

*Main Boom Operator

(20+ days)  Mixer = Guntis Sics

*2nd unit Recordist / FX recording (20+ days) - includes 150+ hrs “soundfield” surround recordings

*Splinter Unit Recordist

(50 days) - various Boom Ops

Unfinished Sky [2006]

*Boom Operator 

Mixer = John Schifelbein

35mm, AFI award winner Best Sound 2008

All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane [2006]

*Production Sound - with Assistance from: Marianne Mettes, Tess Walsh, Tim Matyear, and Scott Bruce.

Gone [2006]

*Replacement Boom Op

Mixer = Guntis Sics

See no Evil [2005]

2nd Boom Operator

Mixer = Guntis Sics,

Boom Op = Mark Van Kool



Everybody's Meg [2024]

Production Sound - Season 1 

Shared Credit with Erik Southey

King and Pawn [2024]

Production Sound - Season 3

Shared Credit with Erik Southey

No Ordinary Life [2024]

Production Sound - Season 1 

Shared Credit with = Aram Koyoumdjian + others

Roll With It [2023]

Production sound mixer - Season 1

boom operator = Olivia King 

One Man's Treasure [2023]

Production Sound - Season 1

Vollies [2023]

Boom Operator - Season 2



The Curse of Oak Island [2015-2023]

Sound Mixer

Season 11 + NS portions of 'Drilling Down'

Season 10

Season 9 (1/2)

Season 8 (full)

Season 7 (full)

Season 6

Season 5

Season 3 (replacement)

Sound Supervisor = Dan Stewart

Wild Nova Scotia [2023]

Production Sound

Additional Mixer = Aram Kouyoumdjian

Diggstown [2019+2022]

Boom Operator, Season 4 and Season 1

Mixers = S1 Aram Kouyoumdjian

+ S4 Eric Fitz

co-Boom S1 = James O'Toole

Utility S4 = Luke Leunes 

Chapelwaite [2021]

1st Assistant sound - 2nd unit

8 days 

Pure [2017-2019]

Boom Operator

Mixer = Aram Kouyoumdjian,

Season 2 Utility = Jacob Comeau

Season 1 Utility = Rob Tough

Trailer Park Boys [2015-2018]

Boom Operator

Season 9

Season 10

Season 11

Season 12

Mixer = Zan Rosborough

Let's Get Physical [2017]

Boom Operator - Season 1

Mixer = Aram Kouyoumdjian

Utility = various

Mr D. [2012-2016]

Boom Operator

Season 1 through 6

Mixer = Zan Rosborough

The Book Of Negroes [2015]

Boom Operator – Nova Scotia

Mixer = Zan Rosborough,

Assistant = Frank Kavanagh

Beethoven's Treasure [2014]

Boom Operator

Mixer = Zan Rosborough,

Assistant = Adam Burke

Panic at Rock Island [2010]

Boom Operator

Mixer = Mark Cornish

LAID [2011]

Boom Operator - Season 1

Mixer = Mark Cornish

Sisters of War [2010]

Boom Operator

Mixer = Mark Cornish

ASSG nomination best achievement in sound for tele-feature 2011

East of Everything [2008]

Boom Operator (2nd Unit) season 2

Mixer = Guntis Sics  

Monarch Cove [2006]

Boom Operator

Mixer = Guntis Sics

Blue Unit – 7 days (Australia)


The Lost World [1999]

2nd Unit Boom Operator

Mixers = Michael Valier-Berther + Morten Furst

Daily Call (Australia)

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